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It was 90 minutes ago today.........

....someone in the U.S was diagnosed with ALS and it will claim almost 6,000 lives this year. 

What are we going to do about it? Although we can't guarantee a cure, yet, we here at BeatALS can offer our support to fight another element of ALS, loneliness. Many suffering with a chronic illness not only experience the devastating effects of the disease, their emotional and mental well-being is under constant attack as well and we are here to help! We guarantee that all our concerts are used to benefit ALS for research and advocacy. We also promise to provide an escape for a time and embrace those with ALS and their families in the love of thousands fighting to Beat ALS. 

Just like a concert with one person buying all the tickets is not as fun as each person contributing a small amount and enjoying the benefits, our cause can and will succeed with your small, individual support. Please join the "No More Lonely Hearts Club." We would love help with fundraising, event support, food services, photography, videography, marketing, in-kind donation services, and that's just the start! As we grow, there's no telling how "long" and "winding" this "road" will be! 

We've partnered with our good friends at Lavego (registered 501c3) to make all direct donations to the BeatALS Benefit, tax deductible!

Together we're already making a difference and everyday we're driving more awareness and support to the ALS Association!

See what we did last year! Click the link below!


Fill out the form here and let us know what you can help with! 

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